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My name is Journey Robinson and I have my own business called Just Journey Photography. I am only 10-years old but my passion, my purpose, and my promise to my father before he passed away pushes me to continue my dreams of being a Phenomenal Professional Photographer.

I have always loved taking pictures, but I really started taking more interest when my daddy was diagnosed with Stage IV Cancer. When he couldn’t make it to events, I would take pictures or do a live video because I could see that he was having a hard time remembering things. I then would crawl in the bed with him at the hospital and show him the events through my eyes.  I was really sad after the loss of my father. Photography was like therapy for me. It made me happy.  I began to see life through a different lense. In 2018, I had opportunities at The Chocolate Mint Foundation Summer Camp that helped support and cultivate my love for photography. My desire is to capture all forms of beauty through the eyes of my camera. Yes, I am only 10 years old but I am willing to go on this “journey” with my customers and bring their visions to life. Just Journey Photography where we "capture memorable moments for all occasions."
Journey Robinson
Founder of just journey photography
I create professional portraits and capture moments to cherish. I am available for studio or on-site photography.
My Works

I'm available for personal or business photography, and I work with non-profits and churches as well.

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Services I provide:
  • Professional portraits
  • Video clips
  • Master classes

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